Masterbuilt 30-Inch Electric Digital Smoker Review

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Overall Rating


  • Cost efficient and durable
  • Well-insulated (no heat loss)
  • Vast cooking space
  • Consistent temperatures
  • Easy cleaning


  • Short power cord
  • The heating element tends to malfunction sometimes
  • Needs quite a bit of free space

If you’re a fan of delicious food, this digital electric smoker is the perfect thing for you. Once you start using this unit, you’ll never look back again. This smoker is designed by Masterbuilt, a well-known manufacturer of cooking products and we can easily say it is one of the best smokers to buy.

Masterbuilt is famous for their quality of manufacture and innovations as well. You won’t make a mistake by purchasing this product; there’s no doubt about it. However, it’s always good to read about something you’re planning to buy. We will pay attention to some technical details as well as practical use of this unit. You’ll get a full insight of the features of this unit by reading this review.

For instance, you might not like the size of this product, and you surely don’t want to end up with a unit that’s too big for your household or your backyard. That’s why we advise you to read this article and avoid unnecessary issues and surprises. That said, it’s time to check out this great electric smoker!

The Features

This unit is quite simple to use; it’s great with maintaining the optimal temperature and consistent flow of the smoke. The quality of production is relatively good; the housing is firm and rugged. Some of the other features include:

Big Cooking Space

The cooking space is quite big with around 730 square inches. You can feed a lot of people with one cycle of cooking on special events, barbecue parties, and so on. You can prepare anything from smoked fish to smoked ribs in this unit; it has a lot of cooking space.

So, this is a larger unit and it’s not ideal for people with little free space in the yard. On the other hand, if you’re planning to purchase this device to serve meat for a bigger crowd, go for it, you won’t regret a single moment.

Four Removable Racks

There are four racks included with this smoker. They are all chrome coated which is helpful for smoking and cleaning. When it comes to cleaning, chrome-coated racks are quite easy to wash and clean due to their smooth surface. They’re also removable. By having removable racks, you can easily put a whole turkey inside the unit if you remove the top rack.

Also, when you finish cooking, be sure to immediately clean the racks to avoid the accumulation of the grease and fat. If it’s too late and you already have dirty racks, put them into your kitchen oven and set the temperature high. Conventional kitchen ovens can reach the temperatures over 900 degrees thus easily melting the accumulated fat from your racks.

Digital Controler

This smoker features digital control during the whole cooking process. It’s a great asset because you can control the temperature with a single push of a button. Furthermore, you can set the exact temperature you want within the unit and prevent the meat from overcooking and burning.

So, no more hassling with constant checking of the smoker, just push a button and go on with your day. This product also has a timer which can shut the unit down after it finishes cooking. So, there will be no accidental fires and heavy power consumption due to its ability to shut down.

Try for Wood Chips

It also has a quite convenient side-loading tray for the wood chips. You’re not required to open the smoker and insert the wood. Now, you can add a precise amount of preferred flavored wood chips. Also, by keeping the unit closed, you save a lot of smoke and heat from coming out and jeopardizing the overall temperature within the unit.

Removable Water Pan

This smoker has a removable water pan, and it allows you to spice up your food by your personal preference. You can use whatever you want to enhance the flavor of the meat. Everything from vinegar to beer works, it’s all up to you. The water pan keeps the meat moist as well as helps bring out the best possible flavor. The removable back drip pan is placed to accumulate the drippings which also add a peculiar taste to your sauce or gravy. It’s installed at the smoker’s back.

The Benefits and Tips

This unit has a lot of useful benefits as well.

  • First of all, it’s pretty affordable and offers great durability. Often people hesitate to make a purchase because they’re scared of low-quality products. You don’t have to worry about this one; it’s worth every penny.
  • Also, anyone can use this smoker. Whether you’re an experienced cook or an amateur, it doesn’t matter; you’ll learn to use it in a matter of minutes.
  • The digital display is also an important asset. You can, almost effortlessly, regulate the temperature and other parameters with a simple press of a button. The thermostat allows you to control and maintain the temperature at all times.
  • It has an 800W heating unit, which is more than enough power to cook and smoke any meat, even a whole turkey or a chicken.
  • You don’t need to open the smoker to add wood chips and risk the heat and smoke loss. Just open up the loading tray and put the chips in without losing temperature or smoke.
  • Try not to overload the smoker and leave some space between meats. The free space will allow the smoke to penetrate every piece of meat in an even matter.
  • Avoid using aggressive detergents and chemicals to clean the smoker because you risk damaging the inner layer of protection.
  • Also, don’t use rough sponges and wire rags to clean the unit.

The Conclusion

All in all, you won’t make a mistake if you buy this smoker. It’s quite straightforward, easy to use, and it provides the best-smoked meat you’ve ever tasted. It’s perfect for family gatherings, or weekend barbecue parties. People will be amazed by your cooking skills, although all you did is put the meat in the smoker.

It shouldn’t pose a threat to your budget as well, considering it comes with an affordable price tag. Once you step into the world of electric smokers, you’ll never look back again.

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