How to Smoke Corned Beef Brisket in Electric Smoker?

smoking corned beef brisket in electric smoker

If you are looking for convenient ways to smoke corned beef brisket, an electric smoker might just do the trick splendidly. It is small and handy, and you can do whatever you want to do without too much of a bother. The best thing about it is that it is not only for smoking but for preparing for healthy and tasty meals as well.

You will be surprised how much tastier the food gets when prepared in it compared to the usual stuff you buy in stores and markets. Out of many options you can use, an electric smoker is the best choice.

Now, before we explain how to smoke corned beef brisket, you need to learn a few things to use it properly. If you want to avoid situations like meat too dry or overcooked, learning a few simple techniques is quite enough for you to smoke a brisket.

The quality of dry meat will depend on the nature of electric smoker and the texture of meat. So, with this in mind, here are a few tips on how to properly smoke your corned beef brisket using an electric smoker.

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The Cut is the Most Important

If you want to get tasty smoked beef briskets, you have to cut your meat like a professional. The cut is crucial for the final result. The better the cut is, the better the flavor and texture will be. You want to get tender and right off the bone texture that will get your juices flowing, and all this depends on the cut. Of course, the brisket itself has to be as tender as possible.

That is crucial for your briskets to get done correctly. So, if you know your local butcher, ask for the best piece of beef brisket he can give you, that should do the trick. You need a piece that has little to no connective tissue what so ever. Connective tissue is not suitable for smoked meat, and you want to avoid it at all costs so try to pick a piece of meat without it. 

The Flavor

The longer you let your meat sit, the tastier it will be. The flavor tends to blend in thoroughly if you let it sit over the night. That depends on your possibilities of course but the longer you let it dry, the better it will be. For a unique and final touch, use dry rub all over the meat.

That will add some extra taste to it. Once you get that done with the rubbing, you let it sit over the night and for the flavors to mix a bit. Now you're ready for the most exciting and vital part. It is time to place it in the smoker. 

The Right Temperature

The quality of the smoked beef brisket will greatly depend upon two factors, the temperature and the wood you use. So, use good wood like hickory for the wood chip box and set the heat to a temperature of about 225 F. It would be good to preheat the grill for the better results.

Avoid high temperatures because the meat won't get cooked equally. You need to let the beef reach the perfect internal temperature which is somewhere around 190 F. That's the only temperature that will ensure that your meat comes out as tasty as possible.

Pay attention to pre-smoking preparation

The pre-smoking preparation is absolutely crucial if you want to get the best results. The best way to make sure that the meat doesn't overcook on the inside is to roll it up in a wet towel before the smoking process. That will ensure the tenderness of the meat on the outside. Leave the smoker opened a bit because you do not want the smoking process ruined by too much condensation.

The way you prepare the meat before the smoking is crucial for the final result. If you let it soak in the flavors long enough, not only that it will taste better, but it will be more tender, cook evenly but most importantly, you will be able to taste the chip wood aroma on the tip of your tongue which is the secret ingredient of the smoked corn beef brisket. This aroma is the whole point of the smoking process.

smoked beef brisket ready and served

After the smoking

Once you reach the wanted temperature of 190 F, the meat is ready. Remove it from the grill, and if you want to add a bit of an extra taste, this is the perfect moment. You can also wrap it in aluminum foil for better preservation of the spicy flavor or just add some extra spices when you take it out. Now, this is also very important. Avoid cutting the meat right off the grill. That is a big mistake that most newbies make.

By doing that, you will ruin the texture and cause the meat to fall apart while losing on the aroma and the taste. Instead of butchering a good beef brisket for nothing, let it cool down just like you let it sit over the night. Take your time with this, and it's going to be worth it.

The more you let it cool down, the better the flavor will be because the spices and the juices have time to mix, adding extra flavor to the whole thing. The perfect time before you cut it would be about one or two hours. After that, it is ready for consumption. Cut and serve depending on how you want it and make sure that you enjoy as much as possible.


No matter what the occasion is, an excellent piece of a fine and juicy smoked corn beef brisket is always good in anyone's book. It's something that suits everyone's taste, making your BBQ party a huge success. With a good electric smoker, you can get it done in no time and surprise your loved ones or show yourself among your friends on a party. If you consider yourself to be a real griller, you can't have a successful and fun BBQ party without this special recipe.

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