How Does An Electric Smoker Work?

how does an electric smoker works

If you are considering buying an entirely new electric smoker because you are an experienced griller and a barbecue god who deals with the highest quality smoked meat, you sure do have a lot to catch up. These new electric smokers have numerous features and options so it would be wise to go through the manual and instructions to get to the bottom of it.

That particularly goes for the newbie grillers who are entirely new to the smoking and smokers in general. An electric smoker is always a good investment, and if you know how it works and how to use it, you will be able to get some fantastic results. It is a good thing to have at home and if you want to get into it like a pro, do some research and find the best electric smoker you can afford with your budget.

Once you have it at home, it is time to delve deeper into how it works actually. Depending on how much you know about how these machines work, you will be able to get the best taste possible from your meat. So, to be able to achieve the best flavor, you will need an electric smoker and the best wireless meat thermometer you can get. It’s a small part found inside of the smoker, but it plays the most important role. So, let us get into the details of how a smoker works.

Start button

Every smoker has a start button to switch it off or on. The best thing about electric models is that they all come with a digital control panel that makes it easy to use and you can quickly figure out all the options. The most important thing to look out for is the temperature ranges.

You can set the correct temperature depending on what you smoke. Just set the panel and regulate and adjust the temperature accordingly. The temperature regulation control will make sure that you never over or undercook your meat.

electric smoker parts and settings


The more you get yourself familiar with the settings and configuration options, the more you will be able to use your smoker efficiently. Here is where a digital control panel will come in handy. The design will allow you to do more things simultaneously and that is why it is essential you get to know all its settings.

Use the configuration modes to adjust the smoker to a particular type of functionality you want it to perform. If a specific kind of meat needs a specific temperature for a specified period, just set the configuration and wait until it's how you want it to be.


Many professional grillers will argue on the subject that smokers on wood are the best for smoking meat. That could be true but, an electrical model gives you one advantage - you do not have to add wood chips all the time. The device will keep the temperature where you need it automatically by following your settings. With the preset temperature ratings, you do not have to worry about over grilling it. Everything is electrical and you just set the preset and enjoy the show.

Space for meat

Different types of meat require different adjustments. That is where the design comes into play because most of these electrical smokers are made intuitively. That means that based on the type of meat an electric smoker adjusts the racks or the levels to suit the specific meat type. You will be able to smoke different kinds of meat all at ones because of this feature and the fact that all electric smokers are incredibly spacious.

The settings

Based on what kind of texture and taste you are after, choose the according settings that are easily adjustable according to your needs. A simple adjustable setting like an air damper will allow you to accomplish a desired texture and taste by increasing the smoke level. You can do whatever you want with it and the more you know how these features work, the better the results will be. You can quickly get the best of your meat by adjusting this setting how you see fit.

Everything revolves around your taste and preferences, and these adjustment options that come with an electric smoker will allow you to get your meat done the way you like it. For some extra flavor, it is possible to buy an electric smoker with a wood chip tray. Many electric smoker fans avoid to get bothered with wood, but those who love a more luxurious texture and taste will go along with it.

The advantage of electric smokers is that you do not need to check the temperatures and add more wood chips continually, but if you choose to do so, it is possible. Nevertheless, even with the wood chips, you will still have to use internal configuration settings to adjust the temperature and smoking time automatically. It is better to use this feature to avoid any guesswork that might ruin your meat.


It works to your advantage with minimal effort to give you the desired result. Choose a specific cut you want to smoke, use the control panel to adjust the timing and temperature, and all you have to do is wait until the meat is smoked. It's pretty simple, right? It makes the whole meat smoking process a walk in a park while ensuring the best and the most enjoyable taste possible. If you are a beginner, choose an electric smoker with the temperature adjustment option because you are still not used to the process of smoking meat.

Do it this way for a while until you get a hold of it and then you will be able to use any other smoker you want because the process stays the same. It is even recommended for newbie grillers to start with electric smokers because they are much easier to handle and they make the whole meat smoking process much quicker and easier to understand than any other traditional way.

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