There are a few ways you can contact us.

You can do it either by sending an e-mail or by sending a ticket through the website contact form. It’s important to remember that the priority is the same for both methods. Every question will be answered, and our polite staff will try to help you with whatever issues you might have.

That said, any irrelevant and redundant question will be ignored. Please be respectful to other people and ask only subject-related questions or else you’ll be ignored. We get a lot of contact letters on a daily basis so you can expect a slight delay between your question and our answer.

Our staff consists of experts and enthusiasts, and we’ll make sure you get the help you need.



Feel free to ask is you have any uncertainties about recipes, units, or anything else. If you need some additional information about a particular unit, we will try to meet your demands in the shortest period possible.

Don’t be afraid to ask something, even if you think it’s too trivial or perhaps embarrassing. We’re at your service 24/7, and we believe there are no stupid questions. You’re welcome to send us feedback as well.