Charcoal vs Electric Smoker

Charcoal vs Electric Smoker

Smoking food can give your meal a whole different taste that you wouldn’t get by preparing it in an oven or a grill. If you are a meat lover, you must know that it tastes differently depending on the way it’s prepared.

But which type of smokers is the best? Electrical or charcoal? What are the positive and negative aspects of both? If you are a real gourmand, you’ll definitely want to read this article.

Charcoal Smoker - For Authentic Smoked Flavor


First, we’re going to take a look at the charcoal meat smoker. This type of meat smoking device gives the most natural smoked flavor to food. This is often accompanied by a certain price you will have to pay while preparing the charcoal for use. Temperature in this kind of smoker has to remain the same. Considering the fact the device temperature depends on charcoal, you will have to keep track of the wind and the outside temperature. This may be an annoying task while preparing your food.

On the other hand, food purists and meat preparing enthusiasts don’t have anything against getting their hands dirty. They rather take pride in it and may suggest that charcoal meat smoking is the way real meat lovers prepare their meal. If it’s possible, they would even insist on preparing their meat at a remote location.

This type of smokers cost between 200$ and 300 dollars on average and there are many options to pick from. Charcoal smokers aren’t that expensive compared to the service they provide. If the cost is your main concern, they would certainly be your first choice.


- Traditional flavor

- Great, natural taste

- Taking pride in preparing the food

- Portable

- Price


- Cleaning process

- Charcoal preparation

Electric Smoker - Choice That Will Save You Time and Money

Secondly, we are going to take a look at the electric smoker. This invention has proven to be a real convenience for all meat lovers who like gaining practicality without losing quality. It is almost like an oven. Not only does it save your time but also gives your food a smoking taste. When choosing an electric smoker, you can pick between analog and digital. Digital have a screen for adjusting the temperature, while analog ones have an adjustable thermostat. Whether digital or analog, they enable a quick and an effortless cleaning process.

Electric smokers use heating rods which run on electricity to heat up the wood chips. The heating rods maintain a constant temperature themselves which proves to be useful since you don't have to be constantly near the device. All you need to do is set the desired temperature and the mechanism will do the rest. Contrary to charcoal, the electric smokers have no flammable items to worry about or charcoal which can often make a mess.

Preparing food in a remote location can raise an issue with electric smokers since there are no power outlets in the woods. As far as the price is concerned, it depends on the quality of the smoker. It has a more demanding price tag than the charcoal one, but that may prove to be an indicator of greater quality.


- Practical

- Time saver

- Automatic temperature adjustment

- Remotely controlling the device

- Safer than other smokers

- Effortless cleaning


- More expensive than other smokers

- Not suitable for remote(powerless) locations

Clash of Smokers

It can't be denied that both of these meat preparing apparatus provide a likable set of options, but in a clash like this, there can't be a draw. Charcoal smoker has an advantage that it doesn't need an electrical outlet, while the electric prides in practicality and self-control.

There is a great variety of wood chips for both of these appliances and you are welcome to experiment and see for yourselves. Food enthusiast suggests that electric smokers provide the least authentic smoked food. On the other hand, the main point for these electrical devices is certainly their practicality and automation.

The Verdict

Considering all of the facts given so far, electric smokers gined a slight edge over the charcoal ones. Both of these have their own traits and flaws. Although we are aware that the choice mainly depends on individual's taste and preferences, this review's vote would have to go to the electric smoker, but only by a slight margin.

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