Bradley Smokers Original Smoker Review

bradley smokers
Overall Rating


  • Excellent performance
  • Easy to clean
  • Digital controls
  • Easy to use
  • Wood chips are automatically added


  • Temperature deviation
  • It’s big
  • Expensive

Some might argue this unit looks like an old-school smoker, but it does its job very well. In fact, this is one of the best smokers available on the market within its price range. If you love to smoke meat and surprise your friends and family with delicious meals, this is the right thing for you.

Once you start smoking meat with this electric smoker, you’ll realize it was worth every penny. People often make a mistake of rushing to buy something without knowing the features and technical details. That’s why we’re here; we will give you an insight in some of the features this unit has to offer so you can know whether or not this is what you want.

Original Smoker is a mid-size smoker, and it has plenty of cooking room for an average sized family. That said, it’s also great for barbecue parties and various gatherings. Once your friends and family start eating the meat you’ve smoked, they won’t be able to stop.

The quality of this unit is pretty good. It’s durable and solid, and you don’t have to worry about having to buy another one a year later. This thing is built to last and with proper maintenance it can last for years.

This smoker has many good features, and we’ll try to pay attention on some of those features to give you a proper insight. Whether or not you possess cooking skills, it doesn’t matter; meat will always taste amazing when it comes out of this smoker.

The Features

Easy to Use

You can’t mention Bradley’s Original Smoker and not think about old school smokers. It’s similar by design but far easier to operate than old smokers. It’s pretty straightforward; it doesn’t have much fancy buttons or screens. Just move the knob to the desired temperature, and you’re done, simple as that. If you ever used a grill or an oven, you’ll know how to use this thing.

This smoker still makes use of traditional controls. It goes to show that you don’t need a bunch of fancy auxiliary features to smoke a fine piece of meat. It’s functional with traditional controls and far simpler to use. The Bradley smoker bisquettes are loaded on the side, so you don’t need to open the unit and lose heat during the cooking process.

Temperature Control

The other thing that this unit thrives in is the temperature control. The key for a delicious piece of smoked meat is the temperature control. With high accuracy and good consistency, an exceptional meal is guaranteed. Many other smokers on the market have pretty bad temperature controls, and it could jeopardize the overall process of cooking. This is a great unit for beginners due to its simplicity. You don’t have to be a hardcore professional to smoke delicious meat.

Smokes Any Kind of Meat

It’s also exceptional for various types of meat. You can smoke anything from salmon to chicken in this smoker, and it will come out great. This unit has four adjustable racks, and it offers more than enough space for plenty of meat. Also, it can run up to eight hours without any human intervention. So, set up your smoker put the meat in, and you can forget about it and continue with your day. However, don’t forget to add fresh wood chips.

Other Features

This unit weighs around 50 pounds, so it’s not as heavy as you might think. It’s mobile and easy to carry around. Also, it smokes, roasts, and dries meat. It’s pretty easy to clean this unit due to its stainless steel interior. It’s crucial you maintain and clean it regularly to avoid the accumulation of fat and grease. It’s always easier to prevent something from happening instead of dealing with it when it does happen. Consider spraying the interior with a non-stick cooking spray before smoking meat to make the cleaning process even easier.

The Benefits and Tips

  • The first benefit of this electric smoker is the quality of it. It’s well-made, and it tolerates rough conditions to a certain point. In simpler words, cold weather and the wind won’t pose a serious threat.
  • Because it has a vast range of different temperatures, it can be used as a slow cooker or a slow roasting oven. Maximum temperature is 250 degrees Fahrenheit, which is pretty standard for modern smokers.
  • There is plenty of cooking room in this smoker. For instance, you can fit a 15-pound turkey easily. However, if you want to put an even bigger bird in it, consider rotating or taking out the top rack. You’ll get much more room this way. With this smoker, anyone can be an outdoor master chef.
  • Although the temperature values aren’t written (it’s only low or high), you can easily mark the perfect position with a sharpie or a marker.
  • A good thing about the bisquettes is that they’re extinguished automatically before they turn into ash. That said, a major downside is that you can only use Bradley’s bisquettes. This creates a feeling that you’re being forced to buy their products. However, their bisquettes are pretty affordable, and they come in a variety of flavors. You have to use their chips, but it’s not a bad thing considering they sell pretty good bisquettes.

The Conclusion

You can’t go wrong with this product. If your budget allows you to purchase it, feel free to do so. It’s great for family gatherings, yard picnics, and so on. The best thing about it is that you don’t have to be Jamie Oliver to smoke a delicious piece of meat. Anyone can do it, and more importantly – it’ll come out splendid. It has great reviews on other websites like Amazon, and people like it a lot.

It’s the simplicity that persuades you to buy this thing. There are no fancy displays, redundant buttons and such; it’s as simple as possible. The quality is top-notch as well; if you take good care of this unit, it should last for years. This is a versatile cooking appliance, and everyone should own one.

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